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Yesterday’s headlines

75 years ago this week
SWIMMING BAN BLOW TO WOODS: The ban which the township health authorities have placed on swimming in the waters off the Woods beach park for an indeterminate period has started anew the talk that the village may have acquired a lemon when it contracted to buy the property. It was only because the people of the Woods were so happy for a lakefront park where bathing facilities would be at hand, that they decided to take a chance on the chronically polluted waters around the mouth of the Milk River.
FARMS THREATENS SNOOTIER ATTITUDE ON PASSES: It developed at the Farms council meeting that the Farms has not been as strict in the issuing of its passes to the Municipal Pier Park as have the other Grosse Pointe communities. Village Clerk Harry Fulton said it had been his practice to issue season tickets to a few individuals here and there whose courtesies and services to the Farms warranted such consideration. In some cases it had been to officials in Detroit whose contacts with the Farms municipality were often of great benefit to the Farms.

50 years ago this week
SHORES BUYING 658 TREES: Embarking on a village-wide tree planting program, the Shores is prepared to plant 658 trees in the coming year. The trees will be partially a gift to Shores residents, as the village is absorbing the bulk of the cost and asking residents to contribute only a nominal fee. A tree planting program has been in the offing for six years, as Shores officials, residents and tree experts studied the village “street by street” to arrive at a master plan.
HOT HEADQUARTERS HEAT TEMPERS: Things are getting pretty hot over at the City of Grosse Pointe Fire Station. The Grosse Pointe City Firefighters’ Association has filed an official policy grievance against the City requesting air-conditioning. The City has denied the request.

25 years ago this week
SHORES PASSES DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE: One only needs to drive through the Village of Grosse Pointe Shores to see the residents’ commitment to keeping their homes in the most appealing fashion. Homes sit on well-manicured lots and reflect a timeless quality of a community proud of its history and dedicated to preserving it. After two years of planning, meetings and reviewing studies, the Shores passed a zoning ordinance to ensure that legacy. It is designed to protect the integrity of the village by preventing new construction of housing that contradicts the harmonious residential development gracing the area.
LOCAL NONPROFIT LOOKING TO HELP KIDS STAY SAFE ON WATER: Boating seems to be getting more popular in southeastern Michigan as each summer passes. For many adults it is a leisure activity, but for children, it is a fun and adventurous roller coaster ride on the water. This is why the Grosse Pointe Power Squadron is now offering free life jackets to any children in need.

10 years ago this week
ATTORNEY: BASHARA ‘WILL BE CHARGED IN HIS WIFE’S MURDER’: Bob Bashara’s arraignment on a solicitation to murder charge has been postponed, following a ruling by Wayne County Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow. Attorney David Griem asked for the postponement, telling the judge Bashara has a new attorney, Mark Kriger, in place, but Kriger could not be in court until next week. Griem and his co-counsel, Christina Utley, have resigned as Bashara’s attorneys, citing irreconcilable differences with their client.
NOT OPEN TO HOUSE SIGNS: A public hearing is scheduled for next month’s city council meeting to allow “open house” sale signs on private property during Sunday afternoons. Members of the Grosse Pointe Shores Ambassador Committee recommended signs to help sell houses and market the city. The Shores is the only Grosse Pointe community that does not allow open house signs that are commonly on city property off the streets, according to Vito Cuzenza, a Shores resident and real estate broker.