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We Tried It!

My cousin, Anna Lizer, has really turned me on to testing out new products. Maybe only once has it deflated my expectations and cost me a few bucks on something that didn’t perform as advertised.
However, about 99 percent of the time, the risk is worth it. Cousin Anna has a great track record, so I enjoy following her advice and finding something new and exciting to add to my life for the better, like lash serum, coloring my gray roots or even charging my electronics in a flash.
Thanks to this “We Tried It!” mindset, I have come to the realization that every circumstance offers an opportunity to try something new. This past week, I put that idea to the test and experienced great results. I knew I had to share my experience with fellow readers.
Out of nowhere last Monday night, my sewer lines backed up in my basement. First — and you probably need to know this before we go forward — my superpower is my sense of smell. Like, it’s so good, the FBI might want to consider hiring me. For what, I don’t know, but my sense of smell is both a blessing and a curse. Fun times.
So as I stood on the basement steps, I uttered (shouted?) about 100 choice words as I stared into this abyss and conjured up my best inner Anna Lizer. My husband headed to the store right before it closed and, credit to him, he bought every cleaning product, disinfectant and deodorizing spray under the sun he could get his hands on to get rid of what this literal hot mess express was going to leave behind. You have been trained well, Young Skywalker.
Although we were prepared, unfortunately, we had to wait overnight for the plumber to come the next day to snake the pipes. We threw out area rugs and other ruined items in the meantime. That next night, we tackled cleaning the floor. We used the usual suspects of bleach, bleach and more bleach (oh, and should I mention bleach?). It did the trick to clean the puddles of ick.
We opened the window vents and let the basement air out overnight. When we went down the next morning, the floor was clearly cleaned and disinfected. But it still smelled like we had used gallons of bleach (we, in fact, did), combined with an undertone of somethin’-still-ain’t-right. Kind of like when you walk into an average hotel where you are staying for a baseball or hockey tourney that has a unique blend of bleach, old cig smoke and the coffee they are brewing in the lobby — your brain tries to convince you the hotel is clean, but in your heart, you know the bleach is hiding a lot of sins.
Friends, this is where the game changed. For good measure, we mopped the floor again. Then, my husband broke out a new bottle of OdoBan disinfectant fabric and air freshener in eucalyptus scent. Not for anything, but it does claim it “kills human coronavirus in 60 seconds on hard, nonporous surfaces.” Hey, I’m going into this thing with guns blazing, so this product had me at “kills.”
Almost instantly, the stagnant, bleachy air began lifting. Our basement started smelling clean but neutral, in the best way.
OdoBan walked me off the edge of what was entering Day three of my freakout. It worked like a charm.
Since the bottle says it also works on fabrics, I am about to go ham on my dog’s bed and fave spot on the couch. I mean, I find her warm, Frito-like scent charming, but I recognize not everyone does. I am hopeful about the results and will report back.
OdoBan’s slogan is “keeping it fresh since 1980,” so it’s been around a long time, despite the fact I just discovered it. It’s also made in America and comes in concentrate and spray bottle form.
It also comes in a variety of scents like the eucalyptus we used, cotton breeze, lavender, fresh linen and citrus. The OdoBan website even recommends using this after flood and fire damage, so you know this stuff works. OdoBan also had a solid odor absorber and carpet cleaner, among dozens of other products.
I recommend heading to the website to learn more at Your nose and peace of mind will thank you for it.
We bought our bottle of OdoBan for $4.99 at our local ACE Hardware, though you can also buy it on Amazon. For my money, I give this miracle-worker five out of five big alligators.