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Stolen tortoises returned to Lou’s Pet ShopFree Access

GROSSE POINTE WOODS — Two baby sulcata tortoises were stolen from a Lou’s Pet Shop aquarium tank around 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 15. 

The tortoises, valued at $169.99 each, were taken from their enclosure, which was left open and tipped off employees to notice within minutes the two animals were missing.

Lily and Coco are back at Lou’s Pet Shop after a short misadventure with a pair of tortoise thieves. Courtesy photo

“While we are disappointed at this breach of trust within our atmosphere of animal lovers,” a Facebook post by Lou’s read, “we are more concerned with the welfare of our tortoises and sincerely hope that they are being cared for.”

The two suspects were caught on security cameras. Per Donnie Cook, owner of Lou’s, a suspect put one tortoise in each back pocket of his pants before walking out of the store.

Pictures of the suspects, a man and a woman, were posted on the shop’s Facebook page. 

The Woods public safety department and Lou’s received many tips; within 12 hours of the pictures being posted, one of Lou’s Facebook followers identified the suspects and contacted Woods detectives, who found the man’s address and retrieved the tortoises.

“They looked like they were well taken care of,” Cook said upon their return.

“I think that everyone’s happy that the tortoises were found and turned back over,” Public Safety Director John Kosanke said. “They’re healthy and safe and sound.”