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Racking up revenue

GROSSE POINTE PARK — Kayak racks at Patterson Park turn a nice profit.
They cost $800 each, but rental revenue makes up for it fast, especially since each rack is big enough to rent space to four people at $200 per summer.
“It’s a very nice revenue stream,” said Chad Craig, Park recreation director. “Basically, after the time and material of (buying) one rack that holds four slots, we make a couple hundred dollars after we pay that. The next season, it’s a straight profit of $800.”
Each renter can store up to three kayaks.
“We’ve tossed around the idea of an additional fee depending on the number of items that are put on,” Craig said.
Larry Haggart, a member of the municipal recreation commission, asked during the group’s meeting Nov. 9, if the city’s kayak storage rental rates are in line with the other Pointes.
“With the durability of what we have, the amount and space we have, it’s a fair price,” Craig answered. “We don’t want to gouge (kayakers) for something that’s a fairly low-maintenance item.”
Based on consumer demand, the price is right.
“We have a significant wait list to get in,” Craig said. “About 100 or so are on the wait list. Looking at some (more) racks might be a good thing to do for next summer.”

— Brad Lindberg