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Relieve stress by changing routine

by Jill Wrubel

May 02, 2013

Q. Stress is being written and talked about everywhere, however much of the information is so difficult to comprehend and figure out what to do? Often I feel stressed at work, come home and feel stressed there too, not knowing how I can let go of the day.

A. There are many writings about stress: articles, books, blogs, DVDs, CDs, television specials, yet why does it continue to seem so elusive? Perhaps the varying degrees of language?

Whether from the most well-spoken person offering research, medical and statistical data or the opposite, all are offering the bottom line that stress is part of everyday living. It is an option of mental, emotional and physical behavior in response to one’s point of view about their work away from the home, an at-home work job, a volunteer activity at work or in the community, church, school or the neighborhood organization, Often the most volatile stress is at home with the family.

Imagine that you rise in the morning, smile and feel a sense of unexplainable joy and peace, serenity? Spend 5 to 10 minutes in a comfortable chair breathing deeply, slowly, consciously, read an inspirational quote or poem, or take a walk or view the garden flowers with birds flittering about. The external hurriedness may dimly appear, yet the internal calm has become the mortar for you, this day, your day.

Throughout the day you continue with a sense of calm, your connection to something inside is holding strong, stable. Your first response, because you have chosen to practice it every day throughout the day is to pause and breath.

Returning home and feeling grateful for a good day brings a different ending because the day was done differently. Life begins and ends with a breath, and so does our day begin and end with a breath.

Normal ways of daily living are not serving us, not supplying us with enough to keep us healthy in how we think and feel about things and definitely not enough to keep our bodies healthy. All the buzz words and classes and techniques available all have one thing in common — you must practice. That is why it is called a practice, your practice. Life may not be a dress rehearsal, but we can all incorporate a practice into the daily routine, just for the less-stress of it.

Know one thing for sure, you are worthy and do deserve time for you. To be still. To do something for you that makes you smile and brings forth a feeling of fun, joy, peace and harmony, similar to the feelings of being 10 years old. You knew then and know now. You just forgot to put it on your to-do list.

Wrubel has healing arts practitioner credentials with advanced level training through a Michigan Department of Education program and is an ordained inter-faith minister in Michigan. Contact her at or (586) 306-7114.

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