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North earns first-, second-place medals

by the Grosse Pointe News

January 31, 2013

Students of Grosse Pointe North High School performed solos and ensembles for professional adjudicators last weekend at the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association District Solo and Ensemble Festival at Rochester High School.

Performances were given a division rating of 1 to 5 based on quality, overall execution of piece, technique, intonation, ensemble, tone and dynamics. Medals were awarded to first- and second-division ratings.

The following North students received second-division medals for an excellent performance: Karyn Schwartz, flute solo; Makenna Holman and Samantha Hicks, flute duet; Kelsey Lanahan, cello solo; Lanahan and Andrea Jovanoski, cello duet; Catherine Costantino, bass clarinet solo; Anna Gruber and Duncan Ragland, viola duet; Ragland, viola solo; Max Yoshida, trumpet solo; Zachary Backer and Kallin Morris, French horn duet; Margo Martinez and Gabrielle Feeny, cello duet; Makenna Holman and Ashley McLarty, bb clarinet duet; Silvia Donahue, bb clarinet solo; Melina Glusac and Tess Kolp, cello duet; Taylor White and Ali Scoggin, string duet; Vincent Provenzano and Jacob Rees, violin duet; Amber Gieseking, Jenna Van Marter, Annie Thoits and Emily Truss, woodwind quartet; Chloe Bigwood and Sarah Cherry, bb clarinet duet; Mark Koester, violin solo; Sarah McGovern, violin solo; Julia Rustmann, piano solo; Katherine MacDonald, bb clarinet solo; Harriet Sauget and Nate Kane, French horn duet; Emma Monroe and Katie Wilk, violin duet; Matt Stander and Will Dykstra, string duet; Shelby Bolden, Holman and Hicks, flute trio; Malene Smith, violin solo and Audrey Kam, string bass solo.

Students awarded first-division medals for a superior performance included: Lauren-Elise Brush, flute solo; Bobby McGovern, trumpet solo; Emily Hoshaw and Isabella Cubillejo, violin duet; Sarah Schade and Brian Almeria, violin duet; Michael Sacchetti, violin solo; Costantino, piano solo; Christian Burke, Olivia Angott, Dora Juhasz, Maria Nguyen and Ashley McLarty, bb clarinet quintet; Liz Grumeretz, Josh Lupo, Marisa Atkinson and Bigwood, woodwind quartet; Koester and Andrew Sharon, percussion duet; Kristina Kamm and Analisa Guido, woodwind duet; Kayla Luteran and Sara Luteran, viola duet; Leah Fishwick and Allison Francis, violin duet; Francesca Florance, harp solo; Logan Hart, Michael Marchiori and Lupo, bassoon trio; Pearce Reickert, Donovan Orr, Bobby Simone and William Schaber, euphonium quartet; Connor LaPratt-Perrault and Guido, bb clarinet duet; Nathan Doss, French horn solo; Kamm, Meghan Van Cleve, Brush, Gabby Tatum, Brigitte Smith, Kameryn Mathewson, Danielle Mays and Schwartz, flute octet; Jordan Radke, piano solo; Katelyn Kohler, piano solo; Schade, violin solo; Kayla Luteran, viola solo; Doss, Yoshida, McGovern and Michael Bylski, trumpet quartet; Glusac, cello solo; Almeria, violin solo; Kolp, cello solo; Katherine MacDonald and Burke, bb clarinet duet; Sacchetti and Stander, violin duet; Hoshaw, violin solo; and Doss, Steven Licari, Yoshida, Joey Lawnicki and McGovern, brass quintet.

First-division medalists qualified for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival, joining on stage some of the top musicians in Michigan. The festival is Saturday, March 23.

The above-mentioned students are members of the North band and orchestra program, under the direction of David Cleveland and Kemmer Weinhaus.