Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

God is always there

by Richard Yeager-Stiver

January 31, 2013

The year 2012 didn’t end on a positive note and so far 2013 has not been all that great for a number of people. Therefore, having my own concerns regarding 2013, I wrote the following letter to God on our behalf:

Hey God! I know you are listening. You are on notice that we are tired of your inactivity. You say you love us and that you call us your own.

Oh yeah?

If that were true then why are there school shootings and tsunamis, earthquakes and floods? Why are there flu epidemics and deadly viruses? And don’t give me any of that “free-will” stuff.

Don’t tell us it is because you want us to have a freedom of choice and “if you stopped all these things from happening then we would grow lazy and we would stop being innovative.” Don’t tell us we would stop looking for cures or stop inventing preventive measures to protect property and lives. We know it is true, but we are exhausted and weary.

We’re sick to death of you saying you love us. We don’t want your love. Why? Because, well, honestly … we are selfish. We want to control you. We want to control your actions and we want some input into what you are doing.

What if we want to exercise our right to free-will and we don’t want to hear how much you love us?

I have an idea: you leave us alone, stop telling us you love us and we’ll be just fine.

There I said it. See you God. Adios! Oh, before we separate, I seemed to have misplaced my keys.

Can you help me find them?

Perhaps this note is similar to what transpires in the Book of Job.

Job is angry about the way he believes he has been mistreated. And like Job, in my letter I never curse God. I am just letting God know we are upset. And it is OK for a letter like this to be written because God can take it. God understands. Jesus, God’s son, knows what it is like to go through this “stuff.” The blessed assurance is even with my words of anger suggesting I feel like turning my back on God, God is still present. The good news is God is forgiving and God has compassion and will welcome us back. I ended the letter with humor that I need help finding my keys.

Perhaps God is too busy with other things to help me find my keys. On the other hand, God is revealed in the ordinary and in the extra-ordinary.

Isn’t that the promise God gives: To always be there for us and to love us. Luke 15:1-32.

Yeager-Stiver is senior pastor at Grosse Pointe Congregational Church, 240 Chalfonte, Grosse Pointe Farms. Sunday worship begins at 10 a.m.