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Time-in: Setting up effective time-outs

by the Grosse Pointe News

January 24, 2013

Time-out — all parents use it, but do they really know what time-out is and how to use most effectively?

Ted Kasper, social worker and a Family Center Ask the Experts presenter, explains what time-out is — and isn’t — and provide tips on how to make time-outs more effective with quality “time-ins.”

“For many parents with children this age,” Kasper said, “time-out is the most preferred method of discipline. Time-out is neither a ‘cool-down’ period for the child and/or parent, nor ‘think-time’ for the child. It is time-out from being able to receive positive attention, earn rewards or receive reinforcement for a specific behavior. Most parents will agree that time-out ‘works’ — meaning that the ‘bad’/negative/ undesirable behavior is stopped — at least for the moment. It is not effective at all in teaching more appropriate behavior.

“Time-in is critical as it sets the stage for time-out to be effective,” Kasper says.

The “TIME- IN: Setting Up Effective Time-Outs” workshop is limited to 30 attendees. Register online at For more information, call (313) 432-3832.

Kasper is a Macomb County licensed social worker, providing counseling to children, adolescents, adults and families. He specializes in behavior analysis and interventions; parent coaching, mentoring and support and “SuperNanny services” (behavioral observation, action planning, and interventions). Call (586) 255-2259, e-mail or visit for more information.

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TIME- IN: Setting Up Effective Time-Outs

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