Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

Car break-in suspect jailed on unrelated charges

by Brad Lindberg Staff Writer

January 24, 2013

GROSSE POINTE FARMS — The suspect in a dozen overnight car break-ins one night earlier this month is in jail for violating parole on an unrelated offense.

“He’s re-incarcerated in the Ryan Correctional Facility for 45 days,” said Detective Lt. Richard Rosati, of the Grosse Pointe Farms Public Safety Department.

Upon the man’s release from the facility in Detroit, Farms police aim to file multiple felony charges against him for the break-ins.

“One (charge) probably will be home invasion because one of the cars was in an attached garage,” Rosati said.

“He’s not denying — at all — he did these,” Rosati said. “He can’t. There’s too much evidence against him. He knows if he admits it, he’s looking at an automatic felony.”

Forensic evidence found at some break-ins is being analyzed at the Michigan State Police crime lab in Sterling Heights.

Results could take four months, Rosati said.

Officers also believe the man left behind his personal cell phone in one of the cars.

The suspect, a 29-year-old Farms native living in a downtown Detroit apartment, isn’t being named because he hasn’t been charged yet in the Farms crimes.

Yet, with 12 felony convictions since 2006 for crimes with combined maximum sentences totaling 40 years, he’s one of the city’s most persistent lawbreakers of the new century.

“You almost can make a career on him alone,” Rosati said.

This month’s spree occurred overnight Saturday, Jan. 12.

“Reports kept coming in as people discovered them,” Rosati said.

All occurred on, near or above Ridge, the same area where the suspect has been caught before. Five were on Merriweather between Ridge and Charlevoix.

One break-in occurred in a car parked in an attached garage on Kenwood Court. About $1 in loose change was reported taken.

The coins could be costly, and not just because unlawful entry to an attached garage counts as home invasion.

Officers discovered blood in the car.

“A fence in the rear yard was found knocked over and a boot print visible in mud next to the fence,” said an officer investigating the scene.

Officers figure the thief cut himself crossing the fence.

Investigation of a nearby alleged larceny yielded additional usable evidence. A victim in the 200 block of Merriweather found an iPhone in his car.

“The iPhone was observed to have a cracked screen and what appeared to be blood on the back of the phone,” said an officer.

The officer called a number in the iPhone’s log.

“I played as if (I) were a Good Samaritan and wanted to return the iPhone to its rightful owner,” said the officer.

A man answering the call “stated the phone belonged to his ‘boy, (meaning friend, who) stays downtown,’” said the officer.

The man said he only knew his friend’s first name, police said. It’s the same name as the suspect.

Farms police executed a search warrant last week of the suspect’s apartment.

They found a global satellite positioning device reportedly stolen from a car in the Farms.

Authorities are delaying prosecution to see if blood and other evidence puts the suspect on scene in the Farms.

“With the GPS we found in his apartment, all we have is misdemeanor receiving and concealing stolen property in Detroit and we’d have to go to 36th District Court (in Detroit),” Rosati said.

He added, “In conferring with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, the best way to handle this is to wait for all forensic evidence to be analyzed and, then, hit him with everything together; with home invasion 1st degree looming as a possible charge.”