Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

Revised policy clarifies resident feedback process and procedure

by A.J. Hakim Staff Writer

January 17, 2013

People looking to submit feedback, positive or negative, to the Grosse Pointe Public School System about its operations or instruction now have more defined channels to follow identifying the specific processes and procedures in expressing those thoughts or concerns.

The board recently approved revisions to Policy 9130, as well as developed related administrative guidelines, that delineate where and whom to send formal and informal complaints.

“The intent of this policy is to make sure that there is a format and a venue for an opportunity, if someone were to have a concern in any one of these areas, that they would know the proper channels and the person that would be responsible for addressing that particular complaint,” said Tom Harwood, superintendent of schools.

“My hope would be that we don’t have complaints, but the reality is, is that we don’t always get it right and we may not always get it exactly the way it needs to be done and feedback, where people have concerns about what we’re doing, is an opportunity for us to grow as a school system.”

Policy 9130’s more significant changes, said Brendan Walsh, board treasurer and policy committee chair, are associated with the development of administrative guidelines, which involve procedures for registering formal or informal public complaints.

Additions to the administrative guidelines, 9130C – Public Complaints, detail the district’s processes and procedures regarding addressing community complaints and feedback and its complaint determinations, follow-ups, recording mechanisms and escalations relating to policies, curriculum, instructional materials, facilities and support services, personnel and student services and special education.

“I think it’s a quantum leap forward in terms of communication to the community that there are different forms of complaints,” said Walsh. “I think it’s a great step forward and it is meant to bring some order to a process where we want to encourage feedback.”