Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

Book would tout Shores assets

by Brad Lindberg Staff Writer

December 27, 2012

GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The public may soon read all about how nice it is to live in Grosse Pointe Shores.

Municipal officials want to use the book as a marketing tool to boost the community and its housing stock.

Donors are lining up to pay production costs.

“This (book) would represent Grosse Pointe Shores,” said Mayor Ted Kedzierski. “But, it wouldn’t involve any city funds.”

“We also think it would be nice for people to have them in their homes to show their friends and to learn more about their village,” said Councilman Kay Felt.

She’s spearheading preparations as council liaison to the Ambassador Committee.

Kedzierski appointed the volunteer committee, comprised partly of Realtors, this year to promote the Shores as a premier residential community.

One tool is publication of a book on the 101-year-old community’s history.

Much of the content is due to come from private sources.

“We need historical information about properties and pictures from residents,” Felt said.

Publishing options include contracting with Arcadia Publishing or doing it alone.

Arcadia publishes to a rather strict format.

“The books are never more than 10 chapters, never more than 128 pages,” Kedzierski said. “They usually have 200 to 214 photos. That’s the recipe.”

He said he had lunch Tuesday, Dec. 18, with a donor.

“If we self-publish, we would have more say over the layout,” he said. “We probably could do it for half the cost. That’s what I was talking to the donor about.”

Kedzierski envisions publishing about 1,200 books.

“The purpose is not to sell the books, but to use it as marketing to attract people to move into the city,” he said.

The book may be presented to businesses moving to downtown Detroit.

“The executives might be attracted to buy one of our homes as opposed to a home in Northville or Plymouth Township,” Kedzierski said.

The city council has final say on the project.

“This would represent Grosse Pointe Shores,” Kedzierski said.

An author hasn’t been chosen.

Arcadia currently publishes three books about Grosse Pointe:

“Grosse Pointe” and “Grosse Pointe War Memorial,” by Ann Marie Aliotta and Suzy Berschback; and

“Grosse Pointe: 1880-1930,” by Madeleine Socia, Suzy Berschback.