Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

Carbon change

by the Grosse Pointe News

November 22, 2012

A section of Grosse Pointe Farms received its first seasoning of road salt last week during a partial filter change at the water purification plant. Contractors pumped a 2-foot layer of granular activated carbon from holding tanks inside the plant, on Moross, into trucks parked on Grosse Pointe Boulevard. City crews spread road salt in the area to prevent spilled water from freezing during cold nights.

As filter work wound down Friday, Nov. 16, Thomas Baker, plant operator, monitored the refilling of a tank.

Fine, nearly powdery grains of carbon form the top layer of filters in the plantís eight holding tanks. Each tank measures nearly 20 cubic feet. Water percolating through the carbon leaves behind deposits, impurities and odor. Carbon is changed at the plant every five years.