Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

Suspects ID’d in old B&Es

by Brad Lindberg

October 04, 2012

GROSSE POINTE FARMS — A window cleaner is washed up with police over evidence left behind last summer at a home invasion in the 300 block of Chalfonte.

So is another man linked by dNA evidence to the theft last year of copper pipes from a vacant house on Colonial Court.

Grosse Pointe Farms police weren’t able to identify the suspects until recently. both are in jail or prison for crimes in other jurisdictions.

“They’re in for nothing less than B&E,” said Farms Lt. detective Richard Rosati.

He believes the suspect in the Chalfonte break in, a 44-year-old detroit man, is responsible for four other Farms home invasions on Shelborne, Roland and other roads.

“They happened within two weeks of each other last August,” Rosati said.

On Chalfonte, the burglar forced open the garage door, entered the house through an inner door but ran away upon tripping a burglar alarm.

“Nothing was taken,” Rosati said. “It looked like he was scared off.”

The investigation stalled until a few days ago.

“The resident called a few days ago to report finding a 5-gallon bucket in the garage,” Rosati


The bucket contained a squirt bottle and newspaper for washing windows.

“There also was mental health information ona guy, including his date of birth,” Rosati said.

Rosati questioned the man in the Wayne County Jail.

“During interrogation, he contradicted himself,” Rosati said. “He wouldn’t fess up. I know it’s him. I just can’t get him to confess.”

The Colonial Court break-in occurred in November 2011.

“He stole copper plumbing and the water meter,” Rosati said.

DNA evidence collected at the scene took about a year to process.

Evidence consisted of the suspect relieving his bowels outside the house.

“He wiped himself with cotton gloves,” Rosati said.

Technicians at the Michigan State Police crime lab associated the evidence to a man serving

time in Jackson Prison.

“I know that’s my guy, too,” Rosati said.