Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

St. John part of Children’s Hospital association

September 27, 2012

St. John Hospital and Medical Center has been accepted for associate membership by the Children’s Hospital Association.

The newly named St. John Providence Children’s Hospital is in Detroit, on St. John Hospital’s campus, but its breadth of services reaches to ambulatory sites, other inpatient partners like Providence Park Hospital and physicians offices. St. John Providence Children’s Hospital joins 223 members and supporters of the Children’s Hospital Association.

“St. John Hospital has been dedicated to children for more than 50 years,” said Patricia Maryland, president and CEO St. John Providence Health System. “From the first NICU in the state, to the pediatric emergency center within the emergency center, to a comprehensive team of specialists and general pediatricians, we have built a reputation for pediatric specialty.”

St. John Providence Children’s Hospitals services include a:

* 40-bed inpatient unit,

* 8-bed PICU,

* 14-bed special care nursery,

* 35-bed NICU,

* 11-bed pediatric ambulatory surgery unit,

* Pediatric Children’s Center (an outpatient service with pediatricians and pediatric specialists),

* Pediatric emergency center,

* Meade Pediatric Hematology Oncology Center,

* St. John Pediatric surgery,

* St. John Child Protection team,

* TLC support group program for NICU babies and families,

* Breast feeding support services with both inpatient and outpatient offerings.

The service also includes partnerships with other hospital systems’ facilities/departments, including:

* 11-bed Pediatric Inpatient Unit at Providence Park Hospital,

* The Holley Institute, which provides newborn hearing screenings at all SJPHS hospitals, along with seamless intervention programs. The institute also serves children and their families who suffer from hearing loss, deafness or who are deaf/blind.

* Pediatric Palliative Care/Walk With Me, led by a board-certified hospice and palliative care medicine pediatrician, for children of all ages with chronic and acute diseases,

* Open Arms, a grieving children’s support program that helps children ages 3-17 years and their family members,

* Pediatric rehabilitation services, which include physical, occupational and speech therapies and

* St. John Pediatric and Adult Urgent Care.

Association membership provides the hospital with benefits of collaboration on quality improvement, comparative benchmarking, networking and advocacy.