Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

Pump generator due next month

by Brad Lindberg

September 13, 2012

GROSSE POINTE FARMS — A permanent backup generator should be installed at the Kerby Road Pump Station by the middle of next month.

Fabrication of the generator is nearly complete.

So is its foundation beside the station at the corner of Kerby and Chalfonte.

“The foundation should be completed this week,” said Shane Reeside, Grosse Pointe Farms city manager, in an update on the station and sewer system. “The city anticipates the new generator will be in service by Oct. 15.”

Updates on the station and related infrastructure have come monthly since sewer water flooded basements in the inland sewer district twice during storms last year.

The generator, which backs up two separate DTE Energy primary service lines, was considered in a supplement report on the station by city engineering consultants.

“It concludes the station satisfies recommended standards for waste water facilities in providing two independent electrical services for the station,” Reeside said.

Big pipe

A related Wayne County inspection of the city’s main sewer pipe, the Fox Creek interceptor, revealed it to be sound and free-flowing.

Although the cause of basement flooding was traced to failures in utility lines and the plant’s electrical switching equipment, city officials wanted to make sure the interceptor wasn’t clogged with sediment, contributing to back-ups.

“It had not been inspected for many years,” Reeside said.

The pipe carries waste water down Chalfonte through the Grosse Pointes to a Detroit Water and Sewerage Department facility for treatment.

“You could drive a truck through it,” Reeside said. “The initial report received last month indicates it is sound and the amount of sediment was very minimal.”

Bad odor

Complaints keep flowing about a sewage odor coming from the Wayne County pumping station adjacent to the Farms station and a nearby playfield that includes a playscape and set of baseball diamonds.

“It smells bad,” said Farms Mayor James Farquhar.

The county plans to upgrade its station, according to Reeside.

“It’s a multi-million dollar upgrade,” he said. “They’re awaiting approval of SR funding. They anticipate construction to begin as early as 2013.”