Source: Grosse Pointe News Online

Simple year íround flavor
A la Annie

by Annie Rouleau-Scheriff

September 06, 2012

When I catch a simple ďrecipeĒ that is over the top good I just have to pass it along. Grilled avocado bread (pulled straight from Bon Appetit) looked so fresh and delicious that I had to try it. It is so good that I have prepared it several times in the past few weeks, most recently with a loaf of Italian bread sent to me by Joey Crocitto, direct from a bakery in the Bronx, N.Y.

Grilled Avocado Bread

4 slices round rustic Italian bread

1 large garlic clove, peeled and cut in half (or more)

2 fresh avocados, peeled and slightly mashed (or more)

extra virgin olive oil

coarse salt

crushed red pepper (optional)

Grill the sliced bread over a hot grill (on both sides) until toasted. Rub toast with cut side of garlic.

Spread mashed avocado over toasted bread. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil.

Sprinkle some coarse salt and crushed red pepper over top.

Thatís it. Serve as an appetizer, side or light lunch on its own.

If you donít like garlic, skip it.

If you donít have a grill, toast the bred in the oven.

This summer flavor can be enjoyed year íround thanks to the ever pleasing avocado.