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To the Editor:

After reading the articles printed in the March 28 issue of the Grosse Pointe News, "Fennell guilty of animal cruelty, innocent of arson," and "Fennell does the crime, starts doing the time," my anger was rekindled at the thoughtless and irresponsible actions that led to the deaths of 19 horses at the Grosse Pointe Hunt Club. Animal lovers everywhere cry out for justice.

Yet at a time while Arafat and the Saudi Arabian princes are still giving speeches in Arabic c alling for Israel to be swept into the sea, U.S. policy continues to treat Israel and the Palestinian terrorists the same.

How would Grosse Pointers react if a terrorist blew himself up in a coffeehouse over the Easter weekend, killing 20 of our friends and neighbors? Yet, acts like this happen in Israel every week, and no one here seems to care. In a recent letter printed in the Grosse Pointe News, March 14 issue, "Extremisms," the letter writer blamed the terrorism on the aggressive survival responses of the Israeli prime minister.

There is an attitude of appeasement in the United States that lashes out against Israel and sympathizes with Yasser Arafat and his terrorist minions. President Bush is even "hopeful" about the Arab League Peace Proposals from Beirut. If Israel is foolish enough to trust a peace treaty that opens their borders to an uncontrolled influx of sworn enemies to the Jewish people, Israel will cease to exist. Israel is the only democratic country in that region. Israel is our only true ally.

At the same time that President Bush attempts to intimidate Israel into accepting a "suicidal" peace proposal, the United States is sending our troops to root out terrorism in the caves of Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Saudi Arabia continues to finance anti-U.S. terrorism across the world. Fifteen of the 19 terrorists from Sept. 11 were Saudis. Bin Laden is a Saudi. The Saudi's pay the families of Palestinian suicide bombers handsome rewards to compensate the heroic deaths of their sons. Saudi-financed terrorism is daily striking out against Christians and other non-Muslim religions all over the world.

We, as Americans, have the blood of over 3,000 murdered Americans crying out for justice. The United States must have the guts to take the anti-terrorism fight to the palaces of Saudi Arabia where the head of the snake is directing the action against us.

If the local judge decided that Mr. Fennell should receive no punishment and the case was dismissed, there would be a cry of outrage heard from Grosse Pointe to Lansing.

We apply that same empathy and outrage as we firmly stand behind Israel as they fight for their very survival. The United States should not force Israel to accept any bad treaties that appease the enemies of our freedom or the freedom of Israel.

Sears Taylor

Grosse Pointe Park

Sears Taylor
April 04, 2002

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