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Thanks for generosity

To the Editor:

Recently, the Christ Church Grosse Pointe Beyond Parish Ministry hosted a dinner and lunch in conjunction with the Homeless Project at Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church in Detroit.

Approximately 70 homeless men, women and children ate and slept at the church during the weekdays of April 22 through 26. Christ Church was responsible for preparing dinner Friday night and a bag lunch for the following day.

We would like to thank a couple of Grosse Pointe businesses that made our efforts much easier and provided a lot of inspiration for everyone involved. Tom and Doris Odren of the Subway shop on Fisher Road gave us a substantial discount on 70 subs, packed full of meat, cheese and veggies. Each one was wrapped and bagged, as well. Their participation in this project was heartwarming and made lunch very special for many people who usually have only one meal a day.

We purchased the fried chicken for the evening dinner from the Farmer Jack Food Emporium on Mack Avenue. The employees in the deli there went out of their way to package the food attractively and assist us in getting in and out of the store without delay. Farmer Jack also donated the plastic bags in which we packed the lunches.

The Homeless Project is an annual event and involves people who are suffering the humiliation and indignities of extreme poverty. During this difficult economy, the homeless include the unemployed as well as some with minimum wage jobs.

The coordinator of the event told us that she was very excited by the food we brought and knew it would be a wonderful way to end the week. She said that the subs were going to be a really special treat.

The poor live lives of incredible loneliness and despair. On behalf of all those who found a comfortable bed, a warm meal and some hope at Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian, we would like to offer a sincere thank you to Tom and Doris Odren of the Subway shop, and the crew at Farmer Jack. Their generosity was greatly appreciated.

Charles and Yolanda Turner

Grosse Pointe Farms

Charles and Yolanda Turner
May 16, 2002

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