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To the Editor:

This is in response to a Letter to the Editor, in the June 6 issue of the Grosse Pointe News, titled "Poor maintenance."

In the letter, the writer states that community leaders "would lead you to believe that we need to take fields out of rotation so that the fields can repair themselves."

I am not sure to whom the letter writer is referring. I can assure him, and other readers, that school leaders do not hold that view. It is possible that a field might be temporarily unusable if new irrigation, drainage or leveling were required. We have never proposed routinely rotating fields. A simple call to our office would have confirmed that.

The letter writer further states that "the reason any field in Grosse Pointe is in poor shape is because of poor field management." I am not sure what he means by the term "Grosse Pointe," as fields are maintained by municipalities as well as the school system. In addition, local groups contribute to maintenance. His term "poor management" is an oversimplification. Good field maintenance requires more than just turf management. Proper drainage and irrigation are also essential.

The school system uses a combination of in-house staff and outside contractors, as well as volunteers, to maintain all of our fields.

True, field condition depends on field management. However, field condition is also a function of use. We have multiple school and community groups using all of our school-system fields, which causes significant wear and tear on turf that doesn+t have proper irrigation and drainage.

Again, we never proposed taking fields out of rotation, at least not school-system-owned fields.

Christian Fenton

Assistant Superintendent Business and Support Services

Grosse Pointe Public Schools

Christian Fenton
June 20, 2002

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