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Web vigilance

To the Editor:

This past week we have seen that University Liggett School and the Grosse Pointe community are not immune from the challenges facing our society. Whether the allegations facing Matthew Cipriani the arena manager for the McCann Ice Arena who has been arraigned for charges relating to soliciting a minor for sex over the Internet and prohibited by the courts from returning to our campus prove true or not, the episode reminds all of us as parents of the enormous obligation we have to be ever-vigilant when it comes to our children's use of the Internet.

We were raised without computers, e-mail, the Internet, instant messaging, and cyber chatting. The events of the last week demonstrate the need for all parents to become as computer knowledgeable and savvy as their children with regard to technology. Our best protection against the "evil side" of the Internet is not filters and software. The best protection is personal and direct supervision of your child's access to the Internet. I encourage you to consider the computer's role in your home, your child's access to it (physical location and limit of daily usage), and how you can best safeguard your children.

The safety and security of each member of the University Liggett School community and, by extension, those who use the McCann Ice Arena, are my principal concerns. Fortunately, there is no suggestion that he preyed upon any student or guest of our educational community. I extend my deepest appreciation to the Wayne County Sheriff's Department and their Cyber Crimes Unit. Their dedication to making the metropolitan Detroit area a safer place for our children is laudable.

Matthew H. Hanly

Headmaster, ULS

Matthew H. Hanly
July 04, 2002

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