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Update on Sarah

Dear friends and neighbors:

As we arrived at the one year mark since our daughter Sarah's heart was attacked by a virus (July 17, 2001) we wanted to express our gratitude for the tremendous support we received from countless people during this past year. You gave our family the strength and encouragement to meet this challenge.

We would also like to update you on Sarah's progress since we have been home. Physically, Sarah is getting stronger and her anxiety is lessening as she works out her feelings with her psych team. She is attending summer school for English and math and will return to Brownell, with her class, in August.

We have been fortunate to enjoy several family vacations Up North this summer, where Sarah floated down rivers, kayaked, biked, swam and reacquainted herself with family and friends. She has a long way ahead of her, but we are encouraged by her progress and personal strength.

So many people have helped us emotionally and financially this year. Whenever possible we have tried to thank them personally.

The Neighborhood Club fund, however, was a collection of money by anonymous donors and we would like to thank you and tell you where some of the money has gone. The fund provides Sarah with a personal trainer twice a week.

The trainer is actually her physical therapist from Children's Hospital, and he has provided Sarah with consistent and loving care. He is specifically working on strength and endurance skills to return Sarah to the soccer field and basketball court.

The fund has also paid for a family YMCA membership. We go there with Sarah at least four times a week. Her medicines, currently she is on 14 drugs, are very expensive and the fund has helped us pay for a secondary insurance for Sarah.

The money also bought exercise equipment for home and golf lessons to improve her upper body strength, and we are currently in the process of buying her a heart monitor so she can see how well her heart is working while she is exercising.

Sarah gave a speech at Montieth (June 2001) and her very last statement was, "There is nothing I can't do with the support of my friends and community." How true! Thank you for giving us the strength to get through this. We hope to continue to generate fabulous memories with Sarah and you.

Jim and Dianne McPharlin

Grosse Pointe Woods

Jim and Dianne McPharlin
August 01, 2002

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