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To the Editor:

It was reported in the July 18 Grosse Pointe News that a Grosse Pointe Woods public safety officer recently removed and destroyed a child's advertisement for a lemonade stand posted on public property because it violated city code. Reading this, I recalled an incident when a public safety officer came to my residence several years ago to return a similar sign that my young entrepreneurial son and his friend had taped to a telephone pole.

On the same day that I read about the lemonade-sign lawbreaker, I noticed a fallen electrical wire smoldering on the public sidewalk near the back entrance of a residence located on Cook and Holiday roads and very near the playground at Montieth Elementary School.

The area was taped off with yellow caution tape, but nowhere in sight was there a public safety officer to protect innocent children who frequent the playground or residents who may have exited the nearby house unaware of the hazard.

Near this hazardous scene a young boy sat on his bike, intrigued by the sight. Seeing this reminded me of an incident several years ago when a young boy rode his bicycle over a fallen electrical wire on a public sidewalk. Miraculously, he was thrown from the bike and able to get up and run home. I often wonder about his state of health after his "brush with death."

I reported the unguarded danger on Cook Road to the public safety department. A couple of hours later, the area was still unguarded and a section of the caution tape was removed near the driveway adjoining the residence, and a vehicle was parked in the driveway directly near the sparking electrical wire. I wonder if the passenger(s) of the vehicle stepped over the wire to enter the residence.

Also, a large section of the caution tape was lying on the ground and could have misled a child rushing to play on the toys at the school's playground into thinking there was not a hazard in that location.

When it comes to public safety, frustration over such convoluted priorities is enough to cause anyone with common and safety sense to get heated with anger and desire a cold drink, the kind you could buy for a quarter from a kid's lemonade stand!

Rosalind McHale

Grosse Pointe Woods

Rosalind McHale
August 15, 2002

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