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To the Editor:

Over the past weeks I have read articles regarding what should be developed on the vacant property at Mack and Moross. Some residents support an athletic field, some support a senior citizen housing complex, while others would like the Grosse Pointe Farms Public Safety Office moved to this location.

My question is why does the development have to be only one thing? I do not know the acreage for this property but by looking, it seems that there's enough room to develop at least two of the three suggested ideas (I'm including the present athletic field at Kerby and Chalfonte).

As a society we seem to neglect our senior citizens. There appears to be enough room to develop an athletic field and a senior citizen complex. My idea is to design the athletic field with trees for natural shaded areas, park benches, picnic tables, etc. so the seniors can also utilize this area for their enjoyment.

Unfortunately parents cannot always make it to their children(s) games to cheer them on. I bet some of the seniors would like the opportunity to walk to the athletic field to watch and cheer for the teams. When the teams are not playing, the seniors can use the area year-round, not only during the sport season.

Can a wing of the senior citizen complex house the public safety office? The advantage is the added security of having the public safety officers nearby, the disadvantage is having criminals lodged nearby.

As always, the parking concerns have to be addressed and met. Yes children need areas to play in, but our seniors also deserve a senior citizen complex to move to that is in our community close to their friends and relatives.

Margaret Potter

Grosse Pointe Woods

Margaret Potter
August 22, 2002

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