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To the Editor:

I have been a resident of this community for almost 18 years. Never before have I seen so much enthusiasm and positive energy in this community about a single issue with the potential of accomplishing so much good.

On Sept. 24, we will have an important opportunity to make an investment in the Grosse Pointe Public Schools which will have a positive and substantive impact on our community. I urge you to approve a voted bond proposal in the amount of $62 million to finance major renovations of middle- and high-school science labs, improved athletic facilities, upgraded and new fine and performing arts facilities and other major capital improvements.

People are excited about the prospect of these capital improvements because they will keep our schools competitive with other school districts across the metropolitan area and the state. Improved and more competitive public schools translates into strong and stable property values; highly desirable communities and neighborhoods and a quality of life unparalleled in this area with many opportunities and activities for single residents, families, senior residents and businesses.

Improved science labs will provide safe and state of the art facilities for students to enhance their education with advanced technology and facilitate hands-on learning.

Expanded recreational facilities benefit all residents of the community, even if your children attend private school. Nearly 80 percent of all recreation programs in the Grosse Pointes take place on public school fields and in gyms and pools.

New and expanded fine and performing arts facilities will provide venues for all community members to enjoy and participate in the arts.

Major building improvements and general maintenance work will help to ensure that our community and school buildings are here for the use and enjoyment of future generations.

I know this bond represents a tax increase, albeit a very modest one. But the monies raised by this bond proposal will stay in Grosse Pointe. This bond is for your kids and my kids. It's for kids in public and private school as well as for kids who are home schooled. It's for retirees and single people. It's for businesses, civic and charitable organizations and municipal governments. This is a proposal that makes all of us winners.

Even though my youngest daughter will be graduating from South in three years, I am in favor of this bond because it is an investment in our future and for the future of this great community.

Together, we can't afford not to back the bond. Back the bond and vote Yes on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

Leo Nouhan

Grosse Pointe Park

Back the Bond Committee Member

Leo Nouhan
September 19, 2002

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