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A 'must' vote

To the Editor:

I have owned a Grosse Pointe-based real estate company for almost 30 years. During that period of time, our firm has been involved in thousands of Grosse Pointe house sales.

It is with no exaggeration that I would state that by far the No. 1 selling feature of the Grosse Pointe community is our fantastic schools. Yes, we have quality-built housing, waterfront parks, great police and fire protection and many other reasons for buying in Grosse Pointe. However, I will restate that our highly regarded school system is our selling feature.

Remember, Grosse Pointe is a family-oriented community and good families care about quality schools for their children.

There has been a tremendous amount of population shift in the past two decades to Macomb, Troy, Shelby Township, Utica and many other suburbs. Because those communities are newly developed, they have large new schools that were built to accommodate today's educational needs.

In some regards our schools are becoming functionally obsolete. We need to improve our physical plants across the board; our science labs, technology, athletic facilities, the arts and almost every facet in our system. We are not competing favorably to the physical amenities that other school systems have. I see this almost daily.

I personally own numerous properties in Grosse Pointe so a property tax hike for me will be on each property; however the maintaining of and increase in property values will pay back ten-fold as long as we keep our schools on the "cutting edge" of educational excellence.

Time magazine states, "Your best investment é you're probably living in it!" So whether you are investing in our children's future or are just concerned about your investment value of your house we need to keep our schools "First Class" so that the principle of great demand for limited supply keeps our property values increasing.

I urge everyone to vote "Yes" on the Grosse Pointe Bond issue é quite frankly we cannot afford not to!

Jim Saros, President

Jim Saros

Real Estate Co.

Jim Saros
September 19, 2002

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