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Road rage

To the Editor:

He lives among us. He's a 40-year-old professional man, with a family, but last night he snapped é

My son and two of his buddies (all age 13) were walking down the street, having a pretzel war they were tossing pretzels at each other, just having fun and being kids. A man in a SUV drove by. Maybe a pretzel hit his vehicle. Maybe he saw the boys throwing "something."

He slammed on his brakes, screeching his tires loudly, then he backed up quickly slamming on his brakes once again in order to confront the youngsters. As he exited his vehicle, he swore at the boys accusingly, then grabbed the hat off one boy and slammed it to the ground.

Next he grabbed the wrist of another boy and pried the cell phone loose from his hand. He then took the cell phone (as he continued screaming profanities) and whipped it to the ground, smashing it to pieces.

A passerby witness told the boys to just walk away, but get the man's license plate number. Thank you whoever you are, they did just that.

The boys returned to my house literally shaking in their shoes; scared, shocked and angry. A policeman took the report.

I called the angry motorist later that night. He apologized, but as he did, he attempted to shift the blame to the kids. Sorry é they are kids. As grown-ups we are supposed to be living examples of self-control; no excuses.

A lesson learned? I hope so. The angry motorist now has a police record, and a reputation as a neighborhood hothead, and now perhaps the boys will think twice before engaging in such childish behavior.

It's sad indeed. As the policeman said, "You boys are lucky. He could've had a gun."

R. Evola

Grosse Pointe Woods

R. Evola
October 03, 2002

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