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To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the opinion piece "Voters OK much-needed school bond," (Sept. 26, Grosse Pointe News).

Webster's dictionary defines the word scrooge as "Any miserly person." I must disagree with the opinion piece stating those who voted "no" on the Sept. 24 school bond issue must be scrooges.

I'm speaking as a happy, family-oriented supporter of the community of Grosse Pointe. I want the best for all the kids in the Grosse Pointe school district, including my own.

Four years ago I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, who happened to be developmentally disabled. Unfortunately, the Grosse Pointe Public Schools did not have the means to offer a learning environment for my impaired daughter. I understood why because educating challenged kids is demanding and expensive.

When I read the bond proposal, I thought wouldn't it be wonderful for all the kids to have state of the art science labs, new performing/fine arts facilities, air conditioning and let's not forget, Astroturf? But then I realized I faced a dilemma. Do I vote "yes" for the good of the whole including members of my own family or do I vote no because I feel some of the money would be better spent on teachers and programs?

If my disabled daughter is deemed too expensive for the Grosse Pointe Public Schools but Astroturf isn't could I morally justify voting yes on this bond proposal? I thought seeing a line item budget for the $62 million proposed spending might change my mind. But that wasn't offered. Without knowing if some of this money would be spent on hiring new teachers to keep class sizes down, or allocated to help more disabled kids in this community, how could I vote yes?

Do I support the community? Yes! Do I want the best for all the kids? Yes! Am I a miserly person? No. Maybe a little cranky after 40 hours a week of home schooling, but I figure that's my right.

Michelle Young


Grosse Pointe South High School

Resident, Grosse Pointe Park

Michelle Young
October 03, 2002

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