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Proud of youths' actions

To the Editor:

If you wonder how the younger generation is doing, please read the following letter that explains how well the 8th-graders are doing:

I was preparing to work in the side yard of my home, moving an imposing pile of mulch left when workers removed a tree that had been hit by lightning. I was starting to work on the mulch pile when three teenage boys on bicycles stopped and asked what my thoughts were on yard work. I told them I generally don't mind it but this day it was a real chore because of the enormous pile of mulch I had to move.

Laughingly, I invited them to help me move the pile of mulch. They talked among themselves and, much to my surprise, they put down their bicycles, picked up shovels and began to load the wheelbarrow.

One of the boys had a video camera and was filming our conversation. When asked about the video camera, the boys told me they had a project in their journalism class at Pierce Middle School and they decided to use this as their project, editing the videotape and writing a story about it.

They worked for a little more than an hour and removed about two-thirds of the mulch pile. In the meantime, my wife joined me and we both used the wheelbarrow to haul the mulch to the hedge where it was destined.

The boys videotaped several scenes of their working as well as my wife and I using the wheelbarrow. My wife brought out lemonade and popsicles for the work crew and we thanked the boys for their help.

We offered to pay them but they demurred, explaining it was for a school project.

The boys are from Mr. Taylor's journalism class, their names are Tom, Joe and Matt. They were polite and courteous and very helpful.

The community should be aware of their actions. They are a credit to the youth of today and we should be proud of them.

William R. Leith, Ph.D.

Grosse Pointe Park

William R. Leith, Ph.D.
October 17, 2002

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