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Respect begins at home

To the editor:

This letter is in response to last week's letter, "Respect Teens" (Oct. 3, Grosse Pointe News) .

After reading Donna Schultes' letter that scolded Grosse Pointe Woods residents who reside near Grosse Pointe North High School for not respecting the teenagers, I felt the need to share the other side to her complaints.

I am a resident and educator in that community who happens to have two teenagers of my own. I can honestly say that this "respect" issue needs to go both ways.

I am sorry that the parents of these high school students are not allowed to pick up their students near the Wedgewood gate but the danger outweighs the convenience.

The intersection of Hidden Lane and Wedgewood becomes very congested at drop off and pick up, and one of these days a student is going to get hurt. By dropping off students a block or two away, it allows the congestion to be spread out.

If picking up your child a block away from school will help keep everyone safer, then why are parents complaining?

Since I have lived in this neighborhood, I have witnessed many disrespectful acts by our teenagers. During the day it isn't uncommon to find G.P. North students camped out on front lawns smoking and eating. Needless to say, these students leave behind their cigarette butts and trash.

I have witnessed teenagers cutting through yards and hopping fences because it is the faster way home or to work. Where is the respect that the people in this neighborhood deserve?

Yes, you do pay taxes in this community, but so do we! Instead of placing the blame on the residents near the high school maybe more parents need to educate their children about respecting others if they want to be respected.

It all starts at home, and the teenagers are making a bad name for themselves when they don't respect the property and feelings of others.

I realize that these teens are our future, but what a scary thought that is when you see how some of them behave!

Wake up parents and start talking with your kids about respecting others before you blame others for not respecting them. It is a two-way street!

J. Granger

Grosse Pointe Woods

J. Granger
October 17, 2002

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