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Concerned about 'vision'

To the Editor:

A member of the Grosse Pointe Woods City Council seems to have a vision for our community. That vision does not include small shops on Mack Avenue.

The council member was quoted in the Oct. 10 Grosse Pointe News article, "GP Woods business owners riled over sign restrictions," as saying "Small shops are not the future of retail." He continued, "We'll have trouble sustaining the small shops we have on Mack now."

Perhaps the councilman responsible for this vision and these comments fails to recognize that small shops and businesses are vital to a community like ours.

People who own these businesses create jobs for people in the community. Some are part-time jobs helping keep our kids off of the streets as well as teaching them valuable business lessons. The full-time jobs, in this economy, could make a difference in some households in our community.

The small shops of our community provide shoppers competitive prices and exceptional service. Perhaps the focus which small shops place on service is sharper than larger stores or the Web because the owners and employees of these shops are, in many cases, our neighbors.

I encourage the councilman responsible for this vision of our future to take a walk down Mack and ask himself: If this small shop were not here, how far would I have to go to get this product or service? The price of whatever you may be buying just went up.

I submit to our council: please work harder to ensure a future for small shops on Mack Avenue. If you truly believe small shops have no future in our community, I am probably not the only voter concerned about your vision for our community.

Renato Jamett

Grosse Pointe Woods

Renato Jamett
October 31, 2002

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