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To the Editor:

We have been receiving negative fliers at our door this past weekend, and we have to say it is pretty sad to see seniors against education for our children.

Our first question would be: Have they ever had children in the Harper Woods School District? If the answer is yes, then the next question would be: Why didn't they keep the schools up for the future children and we wouldn't have to pay for their mistakes?

We are parents of two young children, one at Beacon Elementary School and the other at Tyrone Elementary School. Maybe the Save Our School Committee can try to explain to them why our schools are not up to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and why there is not enough room for them to learn in, because we can't. We were not part of this school system when their children were being educated.

We went to the first forum that presented all the facts on the proposal. The Facilities Advisory Committee seemed to be educated on the facts and was not making outrageous claims like this group seems to be stating.

We sat, listened and got fed up at how this committee was being yelled and screamed at for their hard work. Maybe the Save Our School Committee should have a community forum and publicly try to educate us on how this is not good for our children's education. If this was brought up when their children were being educated, would they have been this against it?

Remember, children are 25 percent of the community and 100 percent of our future.

Harper Woods residents who liver in the Grosse Pointe school district are paying higher taxes due to two recent bond approvals. They are seniors and have a month-to-month income. Yet they still understand that the future is in the education of children and have not belittled parents who are trying to educate them.

If passing the bond means we have to do without so our children's education can be better and 20 to 30 years down the road the future of other children's education, then we say "yes" to the bond.

We don't mind that people have different opinions than us. In fact, different opinions often help make wise decisions. But it is important that everyone's decision be based on the facts, and in this case the Save Our School Committee is pushing their cause by using half-truths and insinuations more than actual facts.

However you decide to vote on this bond, please let your decision be based on the complete and accurate facts.

Paul and Annette Cyburt

Harper Woods

Paul and Annette Cyburt
Harper Woods
September 22, 2004

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