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Set record straight

To the Editor:

This letter is intended to clarify any misunderstandings about Grosse Pointe North High School's spring choir trip to New York City that may have arisen from a letter ("Shocked by Cost") published last week.

As parents and supporters of the arts, we are proud to offer students this enriching event.

First, the total cost of the trip, to choir students, is $1,100, not $1,300 as the letter writer stated. Second, the trip will last five days, not four. The cost includes round-trip chartered bus transportation. These same buses will be used throughout the week. Students will be staying four per room at a Manhattan four-star hotel.

This trip is designed to provide students with a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. Primary focus is a Heritage Music Festival at Riverside Church. This includes adjudication, a mini-clinic, an awards dinner and a harbor cruise.

Students and chaperones will attend an opera at the Metropolitan Opera House, preceded by a backstage tour. A Broadway musical also is scheduled. Our sightseeing itinerary includes a tour of NBC Studios and a city tour with Ground Zero and the Empire State Building included as stops.

Rehearsal arrangements preceding the concert, a company representative while on tour, and nighttime security at the hotel are all part of the total package.

We shared this information with parents during two separate planning meetings. Feedback was encouraged at that time and considered when making final decisions. Students are encouraged to participate in fundraisers to partially offset the cost.

We are extremely proud of the kids and of the wonderful music they create under the direction of Eugene Rogers.

We hope this has enlightened interested parties and look forward to a positive experience for all involved.

Fritz Blohm,

Cynthia Plourde and Kathy Gardner, Parent Advisory Board

Bethany Perry, Treasurer

Ann Helm, Trip Planning Committe

Fritz Blohm
December 12, 2002

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