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Enough already

To the Editor:

As a resident and owner of two businesses in Grosse Pointe Woods, I can't help but wonder about the most recent shame inflicted on the community in regards to the library fiasco.

Once again a golden opportunity may be lost because of ridiculous expectations at city hall. It seems that we should rename the city, "The Incredible Shrinking Woods." Does city hall really think by trying to force a Colonial look on businesses we can save Mack Avenue?

It seems so, but the reality is poor parking, an outdated traffic system, a Colonial brain lock and a need to be right at all costs has many reconsidering why they are here.

When the decision was made to replace the water main, our mayor admitted it was not a crisis situation.

Guess what? Mack Avenue is. The city even turned down a great restaurant in the old Harmony House for fear the city might actually become cool. I guess another dry cleaners is the way to go.

Our police continue to struggle with high turn over and haven't had a significant raise in years, although city council had no problem raising their pay 300 percent last year. Hmm. Our police were told the city can't afford to pay them more.

Maybe the money was better spent on brick pavers at $80,000 and a water slide at $200,000. Hello! Is anybody home? Just because three out of 10 people vote for you does not mean you are qualified to make these choices.

I have news for you folks. Crime is moving in and people sense it. They are selling out and many business leaders feel the heat.

It is time for some serious change at city hall or I won't be the first to say "I told you so." As Mack decays and fails to keep up with the times, every resident will feel the same need to leave.

Maybe we should just build a great big Colonial-style wall around the city. Hey, I think I'm onto something.

Thank God retirement is not far away. Palm Beach never looked so good.

E.A. Framalino

Grosse Pointe Woods

E.A. Framalino
December 26, 2002

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