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Choir parents informed

To the Editor:

In the letter "Shocked by cost," printed in the Dec. 5 issue of the Grosse Pointe News, a community member expressed interest in Grosse Pointe North's choir trip to New York and the accountability to the choir parents.

As one of those parents I would like to establish that we are informed.

How is this done? The Grosse Pointe North Choir Parents Association has a monthly meeting. Parents attending this monthly meeting are given an overview of all programs, concerts, trips, fund-raising events, treasurer's report, and concludes with a general question and answer period. All one has to do is attend.

If attendance is not possible, our newsletter, which in the past has been mailed out, will now be available on our Web site. Certainly, not last nor least, contacting our director by e-mail to set up a meeting is always met with a prompt response.

As for the cost of this trip, this choir program is my child's extracurricular involvement and passion. I do not pay $350 a month for ice time to play travel hockey or the costs incurred with a traveling soccer team or the football team. Parents of students participating on any team are asked to incur cost, whether it is the soccer team, the hockey team, the football team or the choir team.

This is not a mandatory trip, it was offered to any choir member who is in good academic standing in the choir program as well as their other course work.

Every student is offered opportunities to defer some of the cost of the trip. Fund-raising programs set up by the Choir Association allow students to earn "personal money on account" that can be applied toward this trip or any other cost incurred by a choir member.

Can everyone afford this trip, no probably not. Learning to make choices is part of life and this event, as any other event offered by our school falls under the heading of a learning experience in more ways than just attendance. Some things are possible and some things are not. Choices have to be made.

The trip itself offers a wonderful balance of performance opportunity, educational experience and, yes, a measure of fun for our students. They deserve the fun; they work very hard.

Susan Finan

Grosse Pointe Woods

Susan Finan
January 02, 2003

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