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To the Editor:

The Woods Planning Commission and the City Council should be focused on offering a better quality of life for all Grosse Pointe Woods residents. Instead they have allowed a series of minor issues to cloud the larger picture. Grosse Pointe Woods deserves leadership that will move the community forward.

A new and much needed branch of the Grosse Pointe Public Library at the corner of Vernier and Mack should be approved without further delay. Its thoughtful design has been carefully planned and would enhance the whole community.

The recent struggle to bring an assisted living facility to the Grosse Pointe community is another example. While true, that a scaled down version has been approved, it would have been much better for the senior residents of Grosse Pointe if more of them could have had the option of living there instead of having to leave the community that has been their home for many years.

A potentially popular restaurant was recently turned away and instead the building that used to house Harmony House now stands empty.

Finally, there is the issue of the traffic signal at Brys and Mack. It is my understanding that it has been recommended by Wayne County, SEMCOG, AAA, Officer Beghin and Mike Makowski, director of public safety for Grosse Pointe Woods. Certainly anyone who has paid attention to the heavy volume of traffic along that area of Mack Avenue. would have to agree. It is time to move forward with that traffic signal for the safety of the people who drive on Mack and those who attempt to enter it.

Dorothy and George Lilly

Grosse Pointe Woods

Dorothy and George Lilly
January 02, 2003

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