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Mack/Moross stewardship

To the Editor:

Home ownership is king in this bedroom community of Grosse Pointe Farms. The 4,000-plus "kings" elect seven stewards to oversee the operation of their city.

The stewards, council members, are to: 1) invest the kings' taxes for the kings' benefit, and 2) every decision made by the stewards should result in maintaining or improving the quality of life for the kings' families.

Since there are no checks and balances on our council members, it is important that we elect people who will respect the parameters of good stewardship.

The Grosse Pointe Farms City Council met to discuss our Mack/Moross property use. One hundred percent of homeowners on the block most impacted by Mack/Moross wanted it left alone, and the same is true with a sampling throughout the Farms. The taxpayers wanted Mack/Moross left alone. It never looked better. Instead, the council voted 5 to 2 for a soccer field.

The next day, before 9 a.m., truck after truck was dumping loads of dirt for the council's soccer field. Our Mack/Moross property is now a mess.

I checked with three private schools on Kelly Road in Harper Woods concerning the use of their athletic fields for soccer groups. The girls school (Regina) has no field, but the athletic directors from the other two said "sure." There is no shortage of soccer fields.

Now, the council must shed light on its soccer field decision. It must be in the Grosse Pointe News so the 4,000 tax-paying families can be kept informed.

At this point the council should take one of the two options:

Option No. 1: The mayor calls an emergency council meeting, and the council votes to return Mack/Moross to the way it was. This would demonstrate the return to representative government.

Option No. 2: The five council members must explain their vote to build a soccer field. Each of the five should complete this sentence:

"I voted to spend thousands and thousands of the tax dollars of our 4,000 hard-working Grosse Pointe Farms families for the benefit of private groups that have nothing to do with our city government, and most of its members do not live, vote or pay taxes in Grosse Pointe Farms, because é"

Take note that Mayor Ed Gaffney and council member Therese Joseph were the two votes against this nonsense.

S.E. Girardin

Grosse Pointe Farms

S.E. Girardin
January 09, 2003

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