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To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the letters "Make moves," (Grosse Pointe News, Jan. 9), and "Enough already," (Grosse Pointe News, Dec. 26).

While I was reading the latest one, I knew the minute I began reading it that it had to be another letter from the same writer.

Does the letter writer realize what a big crybaby he is? Does he also realize since he lost the election here in Grosse Pointe Woods he sounds like sour grapes? Does he realize all he does and has done is criticize this city? He finds fault with everything out here.

Since he is so unhappy here in this city, why doesn't he pack up and move?

The Grosse Pointes have all been charming cities. This is what draws people to live in the Pointes. We all know parking on Mack Avenue is horrible and we all know somehow we all manage to survive it.

The letter writer's friend who had her car door torn off, and was told it was her own fault, was at fault. Anyone who opens their car door on a busy street and does not make sure it is clear to do so is at fault if it gets hit. Use common sense.

Insulting the Grosse Pointes and calling it a nursing home shows that the letter writer is the problem. He has nothing good to say. Yes people love Somerset. I know I do. Somerset is a very large shopping area with many stores.

The Grosse Pointe Village could have done something to try to get another upscale store in their area but for some reason only known to the city it could not. Jacobson's allowed itself to go under by not servicing its customers and meeting their demands. When a large store stops catering to its customers and does not provide good service and good salespeople then the customers go elsewhere. So blame Jacobson's CEO, not Grosse Pointe.

Move away letter writer. Perhaps he should try Royal Oak. We don't want him here if he is so unhappy with the Grosse Pointes. I have a feeling no matter where he goes to live and set up business he will never be happy, and I pity him. He is a man with too much spare time on his hands.

G. Kravitz

Grosse Pointe Woods

too much spare time on his hands.
January 23, 2003

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