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Teaching gun safety

To the Editor:

The article "Police chief shot down over gun range," (Jan. 30 Grosse Pointe News), regarding the possibility of closing the gun range in Grosse Pointe Woods was unmitigated blather and in most cases nonfactual. The writer appeared biased and sounded as if the range was a training grounds for young terrorists.

In 1963 when the range was being planned, I suggested the possibility of gun training for children and would volunteer my time. I had gun safety and hunter training through the National Rifle Association (NRA).

In 1969 Grosse Pointe Woods police officer G. Golding and the recreation director Don Hallmann set up a program through the NRA to award marksmanship certificates which were appreciated by many children. At the same time the Department of Civilian Marksmanship, a U.S. government agency, supplied the use of several .22-caliber target rifles and ammunition.

Over a period of many years I appreciated the use of the range, instructing my children, my grandchildren and many neighbor youngsters in gun safety and marksmanship. Many adults have enjoyed shooting there as a recreational activity.

My question is why all of a sudden are we to witness the demise of the facilities? There has never been an accident and you hope that proper firearm training has prevented tragic happenings. Practically daily we read of misuse of guns by curious, untrained juveniles, with tearful results.

The Boy Scouts of America, the NRA and the Daisy Air Rifle co. have numerous programs directed toward gun safety and marksmanship. Many other programs can be found through the Internet regarding gun safety training. They are free.

Don't let some untrained Grosse Pointe Woods youngster make a fatal error in mishandling a firearm. Keep the range open for safety training.

George O. Young

Grosse Pointe Woods

George O. Young
February 06, 2003

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