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HW School bond proposal

To the Editor:

My name is Margaret Wagner and I am a cochair-person of the Our Kids Our Future Committee. I am writing this letter to let people know that we are an information-based committee that is committed to informing the citizens of the Harper Woods School District about the upcoming bond proposal on Monday, March 3.

We have worked very hard with the School District of Harper Woods to inform the citizens of our community about the importance of new buildings in our district.

There will be two opportunities for residents to become informed and ask questions about this bond. On Wednesday, Feb. 12, at the Harper Woods Secondary School and on Thursday, Feb. 13, at Beacon Elementary School, both beginning at 7 p.m.

We feel that new buildings and new programs will greatly enhance the city of Harper Woods. We have always been a community that cares for and strives to give the best we can to our children.

This bond proposal is indeed a step in that direction. With new buildings we will be able to enhance the science and arts curriculum. With technology being emphasized in our schools, we will be able to expand our curriculum to all children. We will greatly enhance our media centers and gymnasiums. We will be able to save much needed funds (that otherwise would be spent on building care) for program improvements.

We will eliminate the parking problems that have plagued us for many years now. We will be able to accommodate the entire community with new meeting rooms and a pool and sports facilities.

When we began looking at the work that would be involved in renovating our schools and the work that would be involved in building new ones, it became clear to us that building new was the wisest thing to do. As an example, it will be cheaper by close to $1 million to build a new elementary, rather than renovate two.

Building renovations in the secondary school will cost us money as well. But, when they are done, we are still left with classrooms that are too small and the same potential problems that we are facing now.

As a taxpayer of the community, it is my feeling that if we build new schools now rather than wait, we will not have to wonder how long it will be until the next bond issue for school improvement will be.

Margaret Hunt Wagner

Cochairperson Our Kids Our Future

Harper Woods

Margaret Hunt Wagner
February 06, 2003

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