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To the Editor:

Brad Lindberg proves the old Southern saying "Ignorance is bliss," true. The blissful look in his picture and his ignorant comments in "Random thoughts" of the Feb. 20 issue, prove this fact. Mr. Lindberg must have fallen asleep in English class in addition to history class. So allow me to educate him on a few facts, one more time.

Mr. Lindberg commented that his "Series (of redneck jokes), like Robert E. Lee and the rest of the traitors from the Old South who took up arms and betrayed the United States, will rise again." Merriam-Webster defines the word traitor as one who commits treason. They also define treason as the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family. General Lee and the leaders of the Old South did not attempt to overthrow any government.

The governments of the southern states did not agree with the federal government and seceded from the Union. They did not attempt to overthrow the federal government. General Lee and the other leaders of the South were no longer part of the Union when war was declared. This means treason was not committed. As for the taking up arms, the south did take up arms in an attempt to protect its independence.

History and English lesson over, a greater issue with Mr. Lindberg's comments bother me. Why, in this time of terrorist attacks and world turmoil and with the threat of war with Iraq looming, would a person in Mr. Lindberg's position publish comments that serve only to inflame people and create discontent. People of the South consider its former leaders heroes, defenders of states rights. It would seem that this is a time for our nation to be united not a time to make useless inflammatory remarks. Have we learned nothing from our past? Does Mr. Lindberg have no pertinent issues to attempt to make intelligent comments about? I did notice that Mr. Lindberg is listed as a staff writer not a reporter. Reporters normally report facts, writers are creative. I believe Karl Marx was a writer also, but better at it.

Charles R. Lewis

Grosse Pointe Park

Charles R. Lewis
March 06, 2003

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