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Sporting events are too loud

To the Editor:

We are all for sports and kids but not loudspeakers. They are not necessary at high school games. We need an ordinance about noise and its invasion of our right to have peace and quiet in our home. We can hear who just ran three yards with our doors and windows shut. Sitting outdoors is not an option.

When we moved here, there were no lights and no hint that there would be. We would not have bought here had we known. It certainly devalues our property.

We should at least stick to the original agreement, re: number of games.

We complained about the noise to the former athletic director. He said they could direct the noise better. (No improvement if done). Individually, we have traipsed over to the announcer and politely asked him if the volume he was using was really necessary.

In the latter case, he turned the volume up and in the prior case, he rudely told her "tough."

There is definitely a very bad attitude on the part of those who desire to have the neighborhood deluged with all the minutia on a sporting event that the fans are sitting right there and watching. Can't the fans tell what is going on?

We have a friend who lives at the end of Hillcrest. She can hear the noise when the wind is blowing right. What about the folks in the City who live on Lincoln, Washington, etc.?

Outsiders should not be allowed to rent the field. Only Grosse Pointers should have access to it.

Connie and Bill Tily

Grosse Pointe Farm

Connie and Bill Tily
Grosse Pointe Farm
June 24, 2004

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