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To the Editor:

I am writing in response to a few of the letters recently published in the Grosse Pointe News ("Separate schools, library," March 13; "Delayed library," Jan. 30; "Dragged down," Jan. 23; and "Library dispute" and "Overdue issue," Jan. 16).

I realize that for everyone who has an opinion on a subject there is another person with the opposite opinion.

To all the people who want the Woods library branch enlarged: The corner of Mack and Vernier is dangerous for students from Parcells and Mason. Also dangerous is the traffic, especially during rush hours.

There are nine elementary, three middle schools and two high schools all with libraries. Central Library at Fisher and Kercheval was always the "main" library.

Have people join video stores and rent, borrow or buy tools. And how many people, besides myself, do not have a computer? Residents who think we need new libraries should work at some of the many libraries we have.

Also, I agree with the councilwoman, from Grosse Pointe Woods, who disagreed with the very expensive appreciation party at the Hunt Club ("Chylinski against $10,700 wing ding," Grosse Pointe News, Jan. 23). I volunteered at many schools and did not expect, nor receive any parties for my time. With the wasted money, it would have been a good idea to use it toward shuttle buses to businesses on Mack when the water main work starts.

Have any of the council people, etc., from Grosse Pointe Woods gone to the shopping center at Marter and Jefferson and seen the empty for lease or sale stores? The large parking lot remained it was just inconvenient to get into. People are in a dreamland if they think store fronts (businesses) will not be closing.

Chuckle of the year: Councilman doesn't know about gun range. Perhaps a tour of the city buildings would be a good idea for council.

George Anne Bidigare

Grosse Pointe Woods

George Anne Bidigare
April 10, 2003

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