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Brys Drive dilemma

To the Editor:

The decision made several years ago to place much of the bi-county road easement for Old Eight Mile Road (which existed from the bridge over I-94 at Old Eight Mile Road to Marter Road) onto the tax rolls was characterized at the time as a situation of "A Greed of Two Cities" Grosse Pointe Woods in Wayne County and St. Clair Shores in Macomb County.

The communities were abetted by the real estate salesman and mayor of Grosse Pointe Woods, Marve Boutin.

Grosse Pointe Woods' city officials were only concerned with "population density." They were unconcerned about the increased traffic flow on Brys Drive which would result from the bridge's usage after the abandoning of the proposed route.

After construction was completed on the condominium complex, the convalescent home, and the bank, and the traffic problems became a serious concern, officials from the Michigan State Highway Department were called in.

Meetings were held in the old American Legion Hall on Mack Avenue. It was determined that because of the lack of sufficient setback of the buildings constructed within the condominium complex, the road through the condominium could not be used even for emergencies. The engineers were at a loss to offer even one minor suggestion because of the facts of the completion which they faced.

Their unofficially stated opinion was that the condominiums be razed and a proper road constructed through to Marter Road the original plan. (Remnants of the original easements can be viewed along Old Eight Mile east of Harper to the beginning of the condominium complex, east of Mack on Eight Mile, and by looking through some of the fences along the west side of Marter Road near Parkway.)

Crossing Mack at Brys is difficult during most daytime and early evening hours. The traffic flow around the narrow "S" curve on Brys, west of Harper, is scary to say the least. Most drivers, it seems, believe that the double yellow line marking the S curve should pass under their vehicles.

It is now the proposed intention of the city and its council to further exacerbate the situation by permitting construction of a large multistory building on the small piece of property east of Mack between Brys and Aline.

There is much to be said for the old adage, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Don Parsons

Grosse Pointe Woods

Don Parsons
April 10, 2003

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