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Credits Ferry students, teachers, PTO

To the Editor:

This letter is in follow up to your very kind and very humbling endorsement of my candidacy for the school board. Thank you for having faith in my vision for your schools and the future of our children.

If possible, I would like to redirect the credit that is due for the first phase of the heating system modifications at Ferry Elementary School and the addition of the cooling modules to where it is truly due to the teachers and the children of Ferry.

My involvement in the process was that of a catalyst and a "marketing consultant" to the teachers and a volunteer to help coordinate, staff and promote the project. My interest was in seeing the children get actively involved in working together as a team on a fundraising project that would serve as their legacy to the students who followed in their footsteps. The execution of the Sno Kone sales, the Krispy Kreme campaign and the bake and candy sales was a result of the students being guided as a team by a group of very dedicated teachers.

As a businessperson, one of the greatest joys I can have is in seeing young students recognize and solve real business problems. Seeing the students on my "Sno Kone Team" brainstorm together on how to solve the production problems we faced in keeping up with the demand was a truly rewarding experience.

Although I donated 20 percent or so of the total contribution made to complete Phase One of the project, the balance came from the excitement and real-world economics lessons the teachers and the students shared together and from the PTO. Without all of us ultimately focusing our efforts on this common goal, it never would have become a reality.

I realize that in the limited space you have for your editorials, you can't go into the minutiae of the success of team work that made the start of this common goal a continuing one at Ferry. The teachers and the students are due all of the credit. The rest of us just came along for the ride and helped out where we could.

Ahmed V. Ismail

Grosse Pointe Woods

Ahmed V. Ismail
Grosse Pointe Woods
June 09, 2004

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