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Rectify the situation

To the Editor:

To Mayor Novitke: It is with distress and utter dismay that my husband and I read the article in the Detroit Free Press on Friday, March 12, concerning the dismissal of Ted Bidigare as your city administrator.

It appears that a well-choreographed ouster was in play considering that a special meeting was convened, and either a Free Press staff writer was invited, or furnished with information of the proceedings.

Although we feel that it is morally unconscionable to fire someone so close to a date of eligibility for pension, an even greater injustice is the apparent malicious disregard for the truth — as Councilwoman Howle, who called the meeting, reportedly stated that Mr. Bidigare “should be fired because he isn’t qualified for the job without a college degree.”

Our family takes great umbrage, since four of us are graduates of John Carroll University, as is Mr. Bidigare. He also served his country as a commissioned officer, including two years in Vietnam, which attests to the fact that one must be a college graduate, in order to begin military service as a commissioned officer.

Ms. Howle and her co-conspirators appear guilty of executing a grievous character assassination. Culpability may not lie with Amber Hunt Martin, the Free Press staff writer, if she reported the information she was furnished.

Since Mr. Bidigare suffered a public vilification, it should be the responsibility of the mayor and council members, as the collective public voice of Grosse Pointe Woods, to request that the Free Press print an apology by the offending council members to clear Mr. Bidigare’s good name.

To assure the public of the good intentions of the council, perhaps a letter to the editor of the Grosse Pointe News, apologizing for the error, would also be in order.

We know Mr. Bidigare to be a decent and honorable gentleman, who has served his community and his country well.

In the name of justice, not merely your political future, I urge you to rectify the situation.

Kathleen Forster

City of Grosse Pointe

Kathleen Forster
March 30, 2004

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