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Citizens deserve better

To the Editor:

The gang of four Grosse Pointe Woods City Council members, Patricia Chylinski, Lisa Pinkos Howle, Darryl Spicher and Donna DeSantis Reynolds, need to reassess their motives in their recent move to terminate Ted Bidigare.

When we read the articles in the Grosse Pointe News (“Woods council fires city administrator,” “Bidigare’s firing shows lack of tact,” March 18) we were appalled to find that something as important as a man’s integrity, ability and career can be so easily and cavalierly trampled.

We sincerely hope the citizens of this community understand what this action really represents and that what has been done to an upstanding, kind and able man and his family is reprehensible.

To think that it is possible to be jubilant over this dismissal, as though it is something of a victory over longtime public servants, is truly abhorrent and arrogant.

You only have to read the quote from Mr. Spicher at the end of the article “Woods council fires city administrator” to see the mind-set of how little respect he has for those who have given of their time and talents for many years, to be told to “bring it on…” as though being a friend of the mayor, council members (themselves excluded of course), and the city volunteers is something to be mistrusted simply because these friendships exist.

From where we are looking this division of the city leadership is counterproductive and wholly unattractive.

There is a real possibility that these council members came to their decision tacitly, without honest due process and deliberation simply because their votes are in the majority.

Another outcome could have been presented concerning these matters and it seems the council should have offered constructive advice instead of this rush to terminate employment.

The resulting vote is harsh and unforgiving. This is dismal testimony as to the character of each of those who would think one’s career and standing in his community is something trivial to toy with without so much as a bit of compassion simply to put one in their “win” column.

A tricky and shameful bunch of individuals is at play at city hall, fellow citizens. And if you think you had trouble with the ‘ole boys…watch your collective back, a great deal more of this divisive and offensive stuff is on its way.

The city of Grosse Pointe Woods and its citizens deserve better.

Paul and Fran Mumma

Grosse Pointe Woods

Paul and Fran Mumma
March 30, 2004

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