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Former teacher responds

To the Editor:

The audacity of the letter writer, “Teachers underappreciated” (March 25, Grosse Pointe News), to assert that Grosse Pointe teachers are underpaid and underappreciated.

As a former teacher, I think the letter writer needs to re-examine her statements.

This community is extraordinarily supportive of their teachers. Without the parade of parent volunteers, the letter writer would have to do flash cards with her students, edit their writing, work the publishing center, decorate her bulletin boards, and organize her classroom parties all by herself. Let’s add in the parents who volunteer in the clinic, lunchroom and on the playground.

Don’t forget those who put in hours on the PTO and the money they raise for the use of the teachers. Parents are active in their schools because they appreciate the job the teachers are doing.

The letter writer’s whining about being underpaid in a district that starts their teachers’ salaries over $30,000 and continues past the $80,000 mark is unwarranted.

Remember, letter writer, you don’t work year-round. You have two months off in the summer, two weeks at Christmas, one week for winter break, and one more for spring break. I always considered the time off as a “perk” of teaching. My paycheck reflected that perk.

Also unwarranted is the letter writer’s gripe about her day not ending at 3:32. Does she know of any profession where the person’s day ends at the appointed time? How many people really work nine to five? I’m sure she knew her day wouldn’t end when the students went home before she was hired. Again, the extra time you put in is reflected in your salary.

As for grading papers, I’m sure the majority of papers are graded while students are at their “specials.” And the lesson plans she talked about — she works in a district that spent an awful lot of money on curriculum specialists who then handed her the lesson plan so that all of our students would be learning the exact same material (you know, the material that’s on the MEAP), nothing more, nothing less.

Since I too still have kids in the district, I will not be signing my name. I know the letter writer will think that’s cowardly but I wonder if she did not support the sinking fund, bond issue, or any other position of the administration if she would have signed her name. My guess is no. You see, letter writer, we are all in the business of protecting our job and I take the job of protecting my children very seriously.

Underpaid and underappreciated? Not in this community. We support our teachers 100 percent.

Former Appreciated Teacher

Current Appreciative Parent

Former Appreciated Teacher
March 30, 2004

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