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More liquor licenses

To the Editor:

As a property owner on Mack Avenue in the city of Grosse Pointe Woods, I have many concerns about the referendum to free up four class C. liquor licenses for Mack Avenue.

First, I feel the four like-minded council members; Patty Kukula Chylinski, Dana D. Santis Reynolds, Lisa Pinkos Howle and Darryle Spicker, all who gave a formal approval on a motion at the Feb. 23 council meeting, are forcing this issue.

There are only six members to the council and the mayor which means four like-minded members are able to vote in what ever they want with a vote of four to three.

These four members have stated in public that they were voted into office for change. Change simply for the sake of change is not always the best route to follow. This is too serious of a change to be taken lightly.

What is the big rush? Do you really feel four more liquor licenses on Mack Avenue would make it a better place to live? At the present time we have seven licenses; with these four more, it would make the count 11. Since when is the city council in the endorsing and promoting additional liquor license for business?

As a property owner and a former business owner on Mack, I do not believe this action should be taken. What impact does this have on the city’s new master plan? What impact will this have on the existing restauranteurs we have on Mack avenue now? Do you really care?

If this is allowed to go on the August primary ballot, which these four members want to do, it would only take 10 percent of the registered votes to referendum this. It almost seems as if this is being done under cover or through the back door.

Again, what is your hurry? More study needs to be done on this matter. It has been said that the existing businesses have been informed. This is not true; many are very, very upset.

Antoinette DiClemente

Property Owner

Grosse Pointe Woods

Antoinette DiClemente
March 17, 2004

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