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No increase

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, March 16, the Grosse Pointe Public Schools System is asking me to approve a 1-mill increase to my property tax.

Well, no, not right now.

As a past employee of the Detroit Board of Education I remember years of no pay increases. I remember one year where we had to give back 10 daysí pay, one day a check for 20 weeks.

Warren Woodsí teachers gave up steps ó pay increases when they had money problems.

The Madison Heights teachers received a pay increase this year, the first in three years, 1 1/2 percent; they also pay to have MESSA health insurance. They have been paying the difference between Blue Cross and MESSA for eight years now. Their Board of Education said if you want MESSA, pay for it.

I know our board has made cuts. I know they are trying. They are talking about six classes instead of seven at the middle and high school level. They say if this mileage doesnít pass, cuts will have a direct effect on classroom instruction, maybe an increase in class size, and all kinds of things are going to happen.

One thing hasnít happened. I havenít heard anything from our teachers. Oh yes, the rumors my children come home with about how bad itís going to be if this tax doesnít pass. I havenít heard that they will give up their pay raises.

Oh, by the way let me ask the board of education if there is such a money problem how did they get a pay raise in the first place?

People of the Grosse Pointes, I will vote yes to this increase, if the teachers pitch in and help.

Unsigned because

I still have children

attending Grosse Pointe schools.

P.S. The next time someone in Lansing tells you he has a better way to fund something, remember we didnít have this problem before Proposal A.

March 10, 2004

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