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Of the Bible

To the Editor:

I am a subscriber to the Grosse Pointe News. This letter is in response to the article “Bible stories,” printed in the Feb. 12 issue of the Grosse Pointe News. The Life Application Study Bible was referred to in my commentary.

The Bible is at the top seller year after year. It is the Holy Book from God. The Bible leads man to salvation, it is the doom of sinners, its doctrines are true, its precepts are binding, and its contents are immutable.

The article mentioned that “a man can’t possibly live in the belly of a whale.” This story is covered in the Old Testament book of Jonah. It was God’s instructions that Jonah would go and preach His word of salvation to Nineveh where the people were living in evil.

Jonah was not desirous to go to Nineveh. Accordingly, Jonah went aboard a ship going in the opposite direction. While en route, a violent storm was created by God. The sailors were concerned for their lives in the violent storm. They began questioning who had sinned to cause this storm.

Eventually, Jonah presented himself as the sinner for not being obedient to God, requesting that the sailors throw him overboard. As the sailors threw Jonah overboard, the raging storm ceased, the waters became calm and Jonah was swallowed by a great fish headed toward Nineveh.

Let us go to Matthew 12:40: “For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights, so I, the Son of Man, will be in the heart of the Earth for three days and three nights.”

The Word of God was written for man for his eternal life. Make it your daily visit, talking to God by reading His Word.

The writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Is there anything so precious and so meaningful in this life than the road to salvation?

Sam A. Cracchiolo Sr.

Delray Beach, Fla.

Sam A. Cracchiolo Sr.
March 03, 2004

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